The Alexander Technique:
Everyday Mindfulness. Everyday Ease in Movement.

The Alexander Technique is a mindfulness method in which people gain awareness of their physical responses to pain and stress, such as restricting breathing, stiffening/co-contracting muscles, and compromising posture. Through a combination of mindfulness and gentle movement training, practitioners learn to decrease these tension patterns, which can improve their ability to manage stress and potentially decrease physical pain.

In 2009, a randomized controlled study published by the British Medical Journal showed that the Alexander Technique can significantly decrease back pain, and in the UK, lessons in the Alexander Technique are covered by the NHS as a treatment for back and other muscular pain. A 2012 meta-analysis (International Journal of Clinical Practice) supported the efficacy of Alexander Technique in relieving back pain, as well as the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Practiced for more than 100 years, the Alexander Technique was initially used by musicians, actors, and dancers to decrease performance anxiety, calm breathing, and prevent strain and injury. Today, research evidence for its medical uses is growing, and there's increasing demand from people with chronic pain and other health issues.

For more information about the health applications of Alexander Technique, please visit my AT Research & Health page.


About Carly

I'm a nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher with over 1,600 hours of training and years of teaching experience. I teach private lessons and group classes in the Cincinnati area, and am available for workshops and master classes nationally and abroad.

I began taking Alexander Technique lessons as a conservatory student after seeing how it helped other musicians improve their performing. I decided to become an Alexander Teacher to help others learn this effective method and improve the quality of their lives in the same way. It is my joy to help others discover their own ease in movement.

For more information, please visit my About Carly page.


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