Harvard Health Publications: What Is The Alexander Technique?

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"Alexander Technique teaches people how to let go of tension in the body. This enables the body to move with ease and minimal effort. AT is used to treat a variety of conditions, from musculoskeletal pain and breathing problems to voice loss and sleep disorders. Many musicians, dancers, singers and actors use AT to help enhance their performance.

You don’t have to be a performer to benefit. For example, just using your smartphone frequently can cause problems that may benefit from the technique. Here’s what I mean: Your vertebrae were designed to support your head looking straight ahead. But if you constantly look down to check your smartphone, you are continually straining your large neck muscles. In contrast, you aren’t using your small neck muscles, which are meant to hold up your neck vertebrae. So your vertebrae lose their support. You end up with a stiff, painful neck.

AT can teach you how hold your phone and how to position your head. Ultimately, you will learn to re-establish better posture and ease in your body.

Research supports the use of AT to help treat neck and back pain. One recent study found that AT lessons led to significant reductions in neck pain over 12 months, compared with usual care. Another study found that AT lessons plus exercise helped relieve chronic or recurrent back pain more effectively than standard care or massage."